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3 essential tips to accessorise your outfits for spring

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Spring fashion

“Cold days are finally over,” as most of us exclaims when spring season comes. Indeed, we celebrate the coming of the spring season by doing a lot of activities as the weather gets warmer. Spring is the perfect time to be outdoors to enjoy spring blossoms, explore nature parks, chase waterfalls, savour delicious seasonal foods, be out and about and join events and other activities.

A perfect activity requires a perfect outfit for the season. With the change of season, we put all of our sweaters, pullovers, warmers, down jackets and coats inside the closet and bring out the stylish clothes that we have for spring.  To top off outfits, accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings and jewelleries can be used to reflect the change of the season, and make a standout #ootd (outfit of the day) that can be shared on Facebook, Instagram and the likes.

Here are suggestions that will make your outfit standout, keep you stylish for spring, and keep you fab and stylish for the season.

  1. Touch it with gold – Gold is indeed a color for spring, reflecting the golden rays of the sun, the warmth of the weather, and the yellowish color of blooming flowers of the season.


  1. Use different pastel colors to brighten your aura – The festive season should also reflect in your fashion statement including the colors you choose for your accessories. Use bright colored jewelleries and accessories to match with the pastel mood of your surroundings.


  1. Go overboard – It is the season to be less conservative and minimalist. A full blast on accessories will give you a more interesting personality and look. Put on those lovely earrings, match them with that necklace with glittering pendant, spice it up with stylish bangles, top up the overall look with a stylish brooch! Enjoy and have fun in mixing and matching stuff.

Spring is such a charming season to be outside to explore our surroundings, meet people and have fun. It is also the best time to exude charm by being fashionable and accessorise with jewelleries that are in tune with the mood of the season, so do not forget to accentuate your outfit with appropriate accessories to highlight your awesome spring look!

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