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Jewellery customers 

Here's what our customers say about our products and services from our Facebook page:

I have bought some of David's pieces. About ten years ago i purchased a beautifully crafted silver and purple pendant - every time i wore it without exception someone would comment on what a lovely piece it was. I still get pleasure from wearing it. More recently I purchased some stunning blue and silver earrings - beautifully finished - from David. Make me feel like a million dollars. I can certainly recommend his work. - Marilyn Bakker

I'm totally blown away with the speed with which my 2 pieces arrived...I only placed the order yesterday and they arrived this love love them!!! - ‎Barbara King‎ 

I am now wearing a gold titanium ring that my wife is very pleased with, fits beautifully and was bought by her from David Tasker! She loves it as it symbolically joins the two of us together, with just as much as we value gold - priceless! - Ian North

Am from Australia and visited your store when I came about two years ago. LOVE your jewellery and excited to 'like' your facebook page :D - Simona Frentiu‎ 

I have bought some beautiful pieces from your store that I love and people always comment on them. I am looking at buying more but because I live so far away, I am hoping to see more on your page. The cost is very reasonable as well. Rose Raharuhi


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