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About David Tasker

David Tasker has been beautifully handcrafting stunning, unique jewellery and other crafts for more than 40 years. We offer a selection of jewellery and handicraft designs including an extensive NZ inspired collection.

From a physical shop to an online store, David Tasker is set to provide you with unique pieces that will truly capture emotions and imagination.

A note from the designer, David Tasker:

David Tasker

 Expressing creativity in many mediums for more than 40 years has been a wonderful experience.  I am always striving to produce pieces that will delight.

Originally I was influenced by the ancient pottery of China and Japan, where as now I look forward to our New Zealand environment for inspiration.

During this time I have been making creative and imaginative objects in the following ways;  Jewellery, Pottery, Lighting and Glass work using materials such as silver, copper, and bronze.

I have a passion to master and refine these wonderful mediums.  The way you can play with lights, colours, textures and form.

This is what inspires my work and gives it life.

- David Tasker