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Explore the versatility of your Pagani outfit with David Tasker jewellery

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Mixing and matching clothes with accessories is fun and enjoyable and should not be a daunting task to us ladies. Gone are the days when the rules of fashion are super strict - we are more encouraged to be bold and creative, and rely on our personality, personal style, expression, and our gut feel in choosing the pieces that we will match with our wardrobe.

Sometimes it is better to invest in accessories as these make any outfit versatile - transforming them into clothes wearable in any occasion.

David Tasker's pieces and creations are very versatile and can beautifully blend with any outfit you have in your closet.

In order to show this, we take a look at our favourite brands and dresses. One of these is Pagani. We love wearing Pagani because they are stylish and comfortable! The cuts are very standard and the styles do not get out of fashion. We looked at dresses in their collections for the season and all of them are so lovely! But here is one that captured our attention!

Photo from Pagani. Check out details of this outfit here.

This lovely Pagani floral jumpsuit is the perfect outfit for the season, and with mixes and matches, this outfit can transform from a sweet casual getup, to an appealing office attire, to an elegant cocktail ensemble! How? check out these suggested fashionable pieces from David Tasker Designer Jewellery!

1. Casual get up

Paua shell accessories provide a casual yet chic and trendy vibe to your overall look. They radiate an interplay of colours when viewed from different angles. Their vibrant, catchy, and iridescent colours make you stand out despite the casual look that you try to achieve. We suggest the following pieces:

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2. Girl Power in the Office

Depending on the industry you are in and your company culture, you may decide how playful you would like to be in choosing your jewellery and accessories. To be on the safe side, keep your accessories to a minimum and choose simple yet classic styles. Pearls are great pieces for women to wear in the office. They are conservative, very feminine, classy yet sophisticated.  Match this Pagani attire with the following pieces:

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Complete your overall powerful get up with a business suit!

3. Outdoor stroll chic

Chase the sun, explore the outdoors! Let the creative aura radiate from you! Whether it is checking out the outdoor market, or exploring beautiful sceneries, or enjoying artworks in art bazaars and museums, these glass pieces will suit the mood. Dichroic glasses look vibrant when light strikes, so when the sun is up, add sparkle to your get-up by matching up your attire with these earrings and necklace. You can turn your Pagani jumpsuit into a chic piece with these colorful dichroic glass jewelries!

Glass earrings and pendant

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4. Meet-up with friends over coffee or dinner

Sometimes you want to look fashionable but not overly made up with expensive gemstones. In this case, how about trying the jewellery sets below?

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5. Simple but elegant ensemble for cocktails

There are events and occasions that call for elegance, and there are only a few jewellery pieces that can heed to that call. For this instance, we recommend wearing Swarovski pieces. Swarovski crystals will make you glitter at night - these pieces provide simple yet elegant finish to your overall get-up.

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Of course, you are very much free to explore more styles that will complement your overall style and personality. David Tasker has a wide range of collection for you to choose from, and investing on these wide range of jewellery will give a new and refreshing look to your overall get-up, despite wearing the same clothes again!

How about you, which ones from our collection will you mix and match with this outfit?

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